About Me

I'm always at my happiest when I'm making games. A bold statement from someone who is now coming to know all too well how grueling, stressful and challenging game development can be. What started as a childhood hobby, soon grew into a passion as I spent many of my teenage years not only playing games but designing them. Countless note pads and word documents, diagrams and maps; the best way that I had of realising the ideas bouncing around in my mind. Fortunately for me, I soon found out that games need not only be a hobby and that if I wanted it badly enough, someone might pay me to to do what I love. 

I completed my first degree in interactive entertainment in 2012, when I graduated from Qantm College, Australia with a major in game design. I was fortunate enough to participate as lead designer and project leader in the development of the final project game, Matter, alongside a team of five other talented students. This degree, along with my own personal projects made me believe more strongly than ever that making games is where my heart truly lies. 

In 2015 I graduated with distinction from a second degree in Interactive Entertainment, this time from the Queensland University of Technology, with a software technologies and programming major. As a capstone piece to this degree, I worked on my second final year games project, Archmage, taking on the roles of both lead designer and a core gameplay programmer. 

In 2016 I founded Geekabyte Games, a small independent game development studio based in Brisbane, Australia. In September 2017 I launched my first commercial mobile title, Mind Control, after an 18 month solo development cycle. I am currently developing the paint splattering, balloon popping arcade game, Kasplat.

As a designer I always felt that the ability to code well would blend perfectly with the designers skill set. It not only allows me to easily prototype and investigate the feasibility of my designs, it also enables me to work effectively as both a designer and programmer and grants me an appreciation for both disciplines. I relish the idea of exploring many other interesting concepts and ideas in the future. Whether it be as a part of a larger studio or as an indie developer, I will continue to follow my dream of being a successful game developer and can't wait to see what the future has in store.