The Game

The Archmage, grand arbiter and ruler of all Nahimana is dead! To find a new ruler a mighty tournament is held, the arena torn from the earth and transported to a magical plane. Powerful mages from throughout the realm are transported to this arcane battlefield to take part in magical combat.

Take the role of a powerful mage and blast, teleport, freeze, impale and electrify your way to victory. Take on your friends in tactical, team vs team multiplayer. Use the diverse array of classes and spells at your disposal to out maneuver and outplay your opponents in the exclusive gem collection game mode. Nahimana needs a new leader, do you have what it takes to become the next Archmage?


Archmage is a multiplayer, third person, magic shooter I developed along side a team of five other students at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia as a final year games project. I was team leader and lead designer on the game as well as one of three core game programmers.

During the design and development of Archmage I was responsible for the initial concept, pitching and presentations, as well as the design and refinement of game mechanics, characters and spells. I was responsible for both the initial level designs, grey boxing and a large portion of final level building and prop placement. Along side the team's other programmers, I contributed heavily to gameplay code, including but not limited to, spell effects, character behaviour, the gem collection game mode and GUI functionality. I also sourced and implemented all the sound and particle effects in the game. 

As a multiplayer game, Archmage was my largest game project to date. It was a huge undertaking and taught me much about how to properly manage the production of a large game project as well as how to develop a multiplayer game, from network code to testing and game balancing. I feel that Archmage is a great accomplishment given the time constraints of a final year project and the IP is definitely one I would like to revisit in the future.