Graphic Design AND Game Art

Though my academic background lies in game design and software development, over the course of my personal projects I have had the opportunity to try my hand at a variety of artistic applications. Often I have been responsible for the creation of game art and UI assets as well as logos, icons, business cards and other promotional materials. 

During the development of Mind Control, I made the decision to undertake creation of all of the game's art assets requirements. This undertaking represented a huge learning curve, but also a fantastic opportunity to broaden my skill set. I also created the majority of art assets for another of our titles, Kasplat which allowed me to experiment with a completely different art style to that used in Mind Control.

I am eager to continue to grow my artistic abilities as I feel that having multiple skill-sets is invaluable and allows me to not only be more self-sufficient, but also enhances my ability to communicate artistic or design direction with collaborators.