The Game

A checkpoint based racer in zero gravity, where the player can lose their sense of direction. That was the brief for this rapid prototype and so Captain Gillian Steel's Asteroid Adventure was born. 

This piece was created over a two week period using Unity 3D. Being one of my first Unity projects, developing this game taught me a lot about how to create (or how not to create) a GUI and HUD, how to manage and utilise game engine physics and it also represents my first real attempt at 3D Modelling for games. Asteroid Adventure was also my first use of voice acting and its role in the game's tutorial is one of the elements of Asteroid Adventure I am most proud of. 

With the exception of the game's textures, the ending space ship and the game's music, all assets including 3D models, GUI and game code were produced by me. I hold no licence or copyright over these excepted assets and take no credit for their creation.

Download Asteroid Adventure for free HERE.