Geekabyte Games is a small, Brisbane based independent games studio that I founded in January 2016, shortly after graduating from the Queensland University of Technology. With a current focus on mobile development, Geekabyte Games is a studio committed to creating the games we love to make and that you love to play. Geekabyte Games' debut title was Mind Control, a 2D, puzzle platformer set in a mysterious sci-fi, alien facility. We are currently developing the balloon popping, paint splattering arcade title, Kasplat.

I was responsible for all aspects of founding Geekabyte Games including ABN registry, business name registry, company name and logo design, website development and business card design. The process of founding Geekabyte Games was a considerable task and definitely tested my ability to maintain a healthy life balance. The proceedings took place during the development of Mind Control which already accounted for a large portion of my "spare" time. However I am incredibly glad to have undertaken the challenge as I not only learned a lot from the process, but doing so laid the foundations for future projects and endeavors. 

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