Project Yllaria

Project Yllaria was a personal game design project I undertook many years ago, before I commenced any formal study in the area of game development. It surrounded the design of a large scale fantasy RPG game (my grasp of development scope had yet to mature). Despite the project being essentially theoretical, it was quite elaborate and I include it here due to the sheer amount of time I spent on it, as well as the fact that I feel it highlights my enduring passion for game design. If memory serves, the project spanned a period of around a year and in that time I created everything from maps and backstory to skill systems, diagrams, mind maps, weapons designs and more. 

The project aided the development of my writing and design abilities and was my first experience with design documentation (though I didn't know it at the time) and is a testament to my eye for detail and natural persistence. Herein I have included a few examples of the works created for project Yllaria. 

Backstory and Design Docs

Yllyrian Race Lore and Backstory - This document is an account of the various races and world history within the fictional realm of Yllaria. This narrative is heavily influenced by some of the epic fantasies that inspired me at the time of it's writing such as Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, Bethesda's Elder Scrolls universe etc. Despite the derivative nature of some elements I feel it is a keen reflection of my writing ability and I am quite proud of it.

Game Skills, Stats and Attributes - This design document is a small excerpt of the many such documents that were written during my time working on Project Yllaria. This document details the proposed player progression systems in the game. Other such documents not presented here included detailed overviews of items and combat systems, magic and spell casting systems, crafting and gathering processes and descriptions of player built cities and societies etc.