Having completed two bachelor's degrees in the area of games and interactive entertainment and released a commercial title for mobile I have been fortunate enough to work on multiple games projects in and out of academia. Throughout these projects I have not only had the privilege of working with some very talented  individuals, but also had the opportunity to expand upon my skill set in many different areas of software and games development. 

My leadership roles on both major, final year projects has allowed to be develop my group work and team management skills and also familiarized me with various project management and development methodologies. In comparison my solo development of the mobile title Mind Control, broadened my skill-set and allowed me the opportunity to familiarize myself with almost all other aspects of the development cycle, from code, design and game art, to marketing and promotion and most everything in between.

My split skill set in both game design and software engineering has proven to be incredibly valuable. It has enhanced my ability to accurately assess the feasibility of concepts, rapidly prototype ideas and implement and test mechanics and game features. I am able to work more effectively along side team members from various roles without as many interdisciplinary communication barriers.

The diagrams below are intended to be an interesting way to present how I perceive my current skill set relative to other similar skills within the area of games development. All diagrams are for illustrative purposes only and should not be interpreted to represent my abilities as an objective or expert-relative value.