The Game

Hordes of ravenous zombies are attacking!

Zombie Invaders is a personal project developed over a two week period in Unity 3D. With the exception of the menu background and sound effects, I was responsible for the creation of all game assets including art work, GUI and game code. The game features three weapons with different effects as well as interactive ammo drops, three classes of zombies, a wave and points system and a text tutorial.

Zombie Invaders was one of my first proper forays into Unity and it taught me a lot (like not to use soft physics to control a side strafing character in a precision arcade game). All jokes aside, this is a piece I am quite proud of and it was a vital stepping stone into the world of games programming and design. Many of the elements present in the game - ammo conservation, stress management, difficulty ramping and basic AI behaviour to name a few - are important concepts that this project helped me identify and understand. 

The game was also ported to the Android mobile platform and functioned quite well given its simple control scheme. 

Download Zombie Invaders for Free HERE.